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6pm, Sunday 17th Sept 

Long Gallery, Lauderdale House, Highgate Hill N6 5GH

tickets £12, £8 students/under 18s available from Lauderdale House

'Gilded cages', or, 'Handel's Birds'

Elin Harries - soprano

Diane Moore - baroque violin

Thomas Pickering - recorders

Jacob Garside - baroque cello

Matthew Brown – harpsichord

Linnet Baroque present an exploration of music written for Handel's divas and their infamous rivalry.

Based on Cibber’s description of the Italian singers as ‘costly canary birds’ and music in the ‘bird-song’ genre, the voice and obbligati instruments are treated as equal partners.

2pm Sunday 3rd December 2023

Long Gallery, Forty Hall

Enfield EN2 9HA

ticket details available nearer the time

Ad Gaudia!

Elin Harries - soprano

Andrew Collis - recorders

Thomas Pickering - recorders

Ibrahim Aziz - bass viol

Asako Ogawa - harpsichord

Featuring cantatas by three female composers - Antonia Bembo (1640-1720) and Maria X.Peruchona (1652-1709) and Jane Savage (1752-1824), Christmas arias by Václav Rovensky (1644-1718) & JS Bach (1685-1750) and instrumental music, including a contemporary piece, 'Winter' for gamba by Carlos Martínez Gi (1957-)  

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Date  March tbc

Forty Hall

Enfield EN2 9HA

The Robin & other English Birds

Elin Harries - soprano

Diane Moore - baroque violin

+ extra violin tbc

Jacob Garside - cello

David Wright - harpsichord

based on Handel’s circle of musicians in London in the mid-18th C.

Music by Handel, Stanley, Hook, Barthelemon, Arne, Jackson and

“the ingenious Miss Eliza Turner”

past concerts

12pm, Sunday 18th June

Lauderdale House (Long Gallery)

Highgate Hill N6 5GH

ticket £12, £8 conc for under 18s, students & low wage

Summer Landscapes

Elin Harries - soprano

Andrew Collis - recorders

Ibrahim Aziz - bass viol

Asako Ogawa- harpsichord

Join Linnet Baroque for a pre-lunch concert on a Summer Sunday. The hour long programme of delightful Baroque and early Classical music, alongside a 20C gem, features pastoral English scenes and invokes the naïve passions of a foregone era.

Music from the Pleasure Gardens, 18th C theatre and works written for domestic music-making are included, with compositions by Handel, Vivaldi, D Scarlatti, Shield, Dubourg, Abel, Pixell & Gioradani.

Rubbra’s Cantata Pastorale, written for Baroque ensemble and premiered at the Wigmore Hall in 1957, provides the perfect stylistic contrast, with its Indian tonal influence and dramatic rhythms.

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