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'What a wonderful performance today.

At one point I was moved to tears.

At another, I wanted to jump in the air with excitement!'

'Elin’s bell-like voice was echoed by Andrew’s recorders that

trilled, fluttered and soared in their bird imitations –

‘billing, cooing, panting, wooing’ reflected perfectly.

I had never heard a recorder equally combined with a voice

and they blended beautifully'

'I have already noted the groups next concert date on my calendar'

'...the second time I have seen Linnet Baroque perform, but I hope not the last.'

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contact Elin at for further details and bookings

core members of Linnet Baroque

click on links to see performer information

Elin Harries - soprano & harp

Diane Moore - baroque violin

Andrew Collis /Thomas Pickering - recorders

Jacob Garside - baroque cello

Ibrahim Aziz - viols

David Wright/Asako Ogawa/Matthew Brown/Petra Hajduchova - harpsichord

The raison d'être of the group is to present informative and carefully researched programmes of English baroque

and early classical repertoire, including music written for domestic entertainment,

much of it undeservedly languishing in obscurity. 

Also featuring the virtuosic ‘bird song’ genre, so popular in the operas of Handel, Ariosti and their peers.  

The inaugural concert was at Lauderdale House in October 2022.

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